Fluidra group manufactures and distributes, from the eighties, all the necessary products to build a complete irrigation system for green spaces for public use (golf courses or parks) or for private gardens, under the Cepex brand.

Fluidra’s products can be found at any stage of the irrigation system; PVC and polyethylene valves, accessories, pipes and hoses which are found in wells, pumping stations, pipelines or organic irrigation equipment.

Fluidra’s electrovalves and controllers are also used in irrigation control and management systems. These products are designed to regulate irrigation by controlling water rates and by blocking or allowing water flow towards the various sections of the system. Dripping irrigation systems, sprinklers, spray-heads or emitting pipes are in direct contact with crops as they transport the water to the plant.

Fluidra has reached to stablish itself worldwide, helped by the big leading producers in the irrigation sector.

You can find more information in the website of our irrigation brand.